Data Migration

Grab your bag and go

Making data transfer as pain-free as possible

  • DIY Import

    Import data yourself from CSV / spreadsheet

    • Easy to use template
    • Step-by-step video guidance
    • User-friendly functionality
    • Import up to 2000 records
  • Spreadsheet Import

    We import your data from CSV / spreadsheet

    From £480+VAT
    • Existing data consultation
    • Import method maximised
    • Seamless and accurate integration
    • Unlimited records
  • Database Import

    We import your data from an existing CRM

    • Market leading data migration costs
    • Data taken directly from your current CRM
    • Minimal input required from you
    • Our most comprehensive import

  • DIY Import

    Input your data into our template spreadsheet and import all of your candidate, client and company information for free with the click of a few buttons. As well as our standard data fields, you have the freedom to create custom fields that suit your business’ needs. Once your data is in, seamlessly attach CVs which are automatically tied to records based on email addresses.

    Pricing notes

    Import for FREE (up 2000 records)

    To note:

    • DIY import functionality will be available for one month after receiving your user logins
    • The 2000 records can be split across spreadsheets and can be uploaded any time in the first month
  • Spreadsheet Import

    Let us do the heavy lifting! Send us your spreadsheet in its current format without the need for any additional formatting from you. We will evaluate your data, assess the best way to achieve the most seamless migration and then import everything for you. This method works with your own spreadsheet or data exported in CSV format from an existing system.

    This service includes...

    • Initial consultation to understand data sets
    • Proposal on most efficient migration process considering many factors including preferred search methods and CRM usage style
    • Data cleansing
    • Attaching any files (including CVs) with referenced data within your spreadsheet

    Data that can be migrated includes:

    • Candidates
    • Clients
    • Companies
    • Skills codes / tags
    • Any other singular / unrelated data
    Pricing notes

    Prices start from £480+VAT.
    Quotes are determined by the complexity and volume of data.

  • Database Import

    If you're moving from an existing CRM/ATS and looking for a more comprehensive import than the spreadsheet import, this is the method for you. Simply request a full data backup from your current provider and then forward us the credentials they’ll send you. This will give our technical team access to the backend of your database, which enables us to migrate more complex data such as actions / record card notes. Beyond requesting your credentials and letting us know what data you want to keep, there is nothing else required of you.

    Data that can be migrated includes:

    • Candidates
    • Clients
    • Companies
    • Skills codes / tags
    • Actions / record card notes
    • All related files
    Pricing notes

    Pricing on case-by-case basis - however at Just Recruit, we try to be as transparent as possible so please find some general ball park figures below as a guide:

    Baseline import cost - £3,000 + 1p per candidate / client record cost*

    e.g. If you have 15,000 candidate records and 5,000 client records, your total migration cost would be c£3,200

    *there is no surcharge for company records

    Bullhorn data migration

    Fortunately for you if you’re using Bullhorn, we have done so many migrations from them that we’ve managed to get it down to a fine art. Although data migration is a complex task (for us, not you) we can offer a heavy discount to anybody coming from this platform because our awesome tech-team have managed to streamline the process.

    Just £1,000 all in!

    There’s no denying that’s an absolute bloody bargain!

  • Bulk CV Import

    Easily upload CV files in bulk (we recommend batches of 500 or less) and then let Just Recruit automatically parse information straight into your database to create new candidate records.

    Pricing notes

    Accounts include 100 monthly parsing credits per user/month for the Start-up plan and 150 per user/month for the Pro plan. Additional credits can be purchased at £10 per 100 credits at any time.

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