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Here at Just Recruit, we’re lucky to have an incredible network full of passionate, creative, driven and successful people from within the recruitment industry. There are some that just stand out from the crowd and we want to share these with you in case they can help you in any way.

  • UK Recruiter

    UK Recruiter

    One-stop shop website for anybody in recruitment

    The UK Recruiter network is the most comprehensive set of information, services and links to all in the UK recruitment industry. It’s a goldmine of useful bits and pieces that cover every aspect of the industry. Whether you’re a fresh start-up or well established – there’s something for everyone.

    Why we love them? It has SO MUCH useful info and best of all it is FREE – absolute win!

  • ThinkInCircles


    Sales & marketing growth agency

    ThinkInCircles offer online marketing services for SME Recruitment agencies and suppliers into the recruitment space in the UK and globally. They act as your in-house marketing team; saving you time, money and resources. A step by step process drives talent attraction, client leads and growth.

    Why we love them? These creative geniuses know both the recruitment space AND the best sales and marketing strategies inside out – what a combo!

  • MembersOnly


    Elite leadership network for recruitment agency owners

    MembersOnly help recruitment agency owners achieve optimal performance. Built on a reputable community of talented forward-thinkers, MO helps start-up and SME recruitment leaders be their best and build better businesses. Through collaboration, their members create a competitive advantage through adaptive innovation.

    Membership comes with a range of benefits including but not limited to:

    • Free legal advice
    • HR support
    • Discounted IT support
    • Supplier selection assistance
    • Industry event access
    • Training

    Join the network today and they'll help you work purposefully, increase efficiency, reduce stress and realise your ambitions.

    Why we love them? Aside from the wealth of resources that comes with membership, the community you become a part of can be a real lifeline for agency owners that are solopreneurs or isolated at the top.

  • Greg McManus Associates

    Greg McManus Associates

    Recruitment Agency Board Advisor / Growth and Talent Development specialist

    Greg delivers increased productivity in recruitment start-ups, SME’s and enterprises. He's passionate about training and developing business owners, management and consultants. He enables you, your staff and management teams to drive business growth with bespoke structured training programmes, consultancy and board level strategies, achieving targeted quarterly objectives. His successes include growing clients' businesses, increasing profits and market share and attracting investment and enabling sale of businesses.

    Why we love them? Greg is able to translate his vast knowledge and experience into relevant, digestible pieces. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a partner that will CARE about your business as much as he will (apart from us, obviously).

  • Cooper Curtis

    Cooper Curtis

    Financial management & growth, business insights and accountancy services

    Cooper Curtis help recruitment agency business owners overcome their business frustrations, freeing up their time to focus on building success. If you are struggling with anxieties over cashflow, admin chaos with no true insights into business performance and a lack of future planning, Cooper Curtis can help. Book a 10 minute chat on their website.

    Why we love them? They are true specialists in their field and deliver a really personal service that is sure to help you sleep easier at night.

  • Recruiting Gym

    Recruiting Gym

    Online training powered by humans

    Let the Recruiting Gym help you develop your skills as a Recruiter, Manager and Leader. Whether it's for an hour or for a whole year, They've got courses and coaches to support you with your learning & development on every topic related to the recruitment industry.

    Why we love them? They’re really accessible ( little as £120 for the year!) and they’re actions-focused with tools to put the learning into practice (which let’s be honest, we all need).

  • SupplyIN2


    Procurement for outsourced supply for the recruitment industry

    SupplyIN2 are experts in bringing together the supply chain that delivers value to the recruitment market. They do this by collaborating widely, understanding in detail what clients really want, connecting the right partners and developing relationships that deliver solutions that solve the problem. SupplyIN2 listen to the recruitment brief before engaging the right supplier and project manage and oversee the relationship before a final commitment has been confirmed.

    Why we love them? They remove the time and stress of trawling the market to seek out the best suppliers so you can focus on your day job.

  • Paiger


    Automated social selling tool

    Paiger connects marketing to sales. With Paiger you can identify, research & nurture your target B2B customers that are ready to buy, find decision-makers and build relationships on social.

    Why we love them? Hardly any input is needed from you for the Paiger platform to work its magic – we all know time is precious!

We don’t earn any commission from these partners, we just really like them and think you will too. If you do chat with them, please do mention us as, well, we kinda like the kudos.

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