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Great, but what can it do?

    • LinkedIn Chrome Extension
    • LinkedIn Chrome extension

      Create new profiles, update existing ones, add candidates to jobs, import profile pictures and much, much more - all without having to leave the LinkedIn page. Nifty and oh so necessary.

      Save time, don't spend it.

    • SMS messaging

      Want to stand out and reach somebody via text rather than have your email get lost in a sea of other emails? SMS is an effective way to get somebody's attention when you need it most.

      Send, receive and record SMS conversations directly in Just Recruit

      * Additional charges apply

    • Top support
    • Customisable
    • Customisable

      One size doesn't always quite fit all.

      The whole system is fully customisable so you’ll feel like it was made especially for you.

    • Cloud based

      Access your account any time, any place (with an internet connection). Fire up your browser and start making those placements!

      No need to download anything to your computer, all your data lives in the cloud inside the well-oiled Just Recruit machine.

    • Cloud based
    • CV parsing
    • CV parsing

      Simply drag and drop CVs into the system for a record to be automatically created or drop in a CV update that will automatically attach to an existing candidate. Our clever software pulls out key skills and instantly codes them – all tailored to your business.

      Just Recruit automates admin so you’ve got more time to dedicate to customers.

    • Mailshots

      Send personalised group emails to a bunch of people at once.

      Let our mailshot function do the heavy lifting and save you time.

    • Mailshots
    • Notifications
    • Notifications

      Get real time notification alerts to stay on top of what's happening in the wider business. Don’t miss out on relevant candidates added, meetings scheduled or opportunities with freshly added companies.

      Particularly helpful if you’re working remotely, our notification functionality helps you keep your finger on the pulse when you’re not in the office.

      Knowledge is power!

    • GDPR tools

      Don’t worry – we’ve got your back here.

      Through automated consent requests and logging, non-consent reporting management and more, you’ll display compliancy while reducing admin and keeping your customers happy.

    • GDPR tools
    • Email inbox
    • Email inbox

      Track important conversations between consultants, hiring managers and candidates.

      Bcc your Just Recruit account when sending an email and a copy will be stored on the relevant record automatically.

    • Powerful search

      Intelligently search your database with ease. Automatically match jobs with potential candidates using customisable coding as well as keyword text searching.

      With built in advanced postcode and address searching, you’ll never miss out on a candidate and with clever client-focused searching, you’ll never miss out on a job either.

    • Powerful search
    • Website Integration
    • Integration

      Already got your company website up and running? Just Recruit integrates seamlessly and automatically loads live jobs to your website and manages registrations and applications via our API.

      Not got a company website yet or looking to upgrade? We can hook you up – check it out.

      Sharing jobs on social media can also be done at a click of a button. Easy peasy.

    • Job management

      Manage your live jobs with sensible workflows and intuitive shortcuts, saving you time and increasing productivity.

      Use colour-coding and a drag’n’drop system to organise your shortlists and blaze your way to placement success.

    • Job management
    • Research projects
    • Projects

      Got a HOT candidate you want to spec out?

      Need somewhere to collate all of your warm clients?

      Running an event?

      Need somewhere to track leads?

      Maybe you have a hunch a job is coming on and want to start the search before you register the role? Our projects function has all your needs covered and more.

    • Reporting

      Get access to a range of management information with options to suit any requirement.

      The dashboard graph gives a snapshot of activity, our smart pipeline view shows a live jobs overview and includes a forecasting tool, while the consultant view is great for onboarding.

      We’re confident we’ve got you covered for all your reporting needs.

      If you log it, we can report on it.

    • Reporting
    • Intuitive design
    • Intuitive design

      The system was built with a minimal click mentality and has well-placed shortcuts throughout.

      With Just Recruit you save time instead of spending it.

      Goodbye clunk, hello aesthetically pleasing streamlined workflows.

    • Top support

      As well as training videos and extensive support guides, the Just Recruit team are here to resolve any queries you have in a flash.

      We’re passionate about customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on rapid response times so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

    • Top support
    • Full email sync
    • Full email sync

      Tired of flipping between screens?

      This functionality synchronises your team's email accounts to Just Recruit, providing a single view of communication between your customers and your business.

      Simple, seamless and super slick.

    • Calendar integration

      Connects directly to your calendar for interviews, meetings, reminders and more.

      All calendar types supported.

    • Reporting
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