Adam Gleeson

Managing Director, The Talentpool Company

What system did you move from?


How did you find the transfer?

It was seamless. We were made aware of the process in the beginning and we didn’t deviate from plan. The Just Recruit team kept us updated every step of the way.

How much time and effort was required from you?

We used a simple system of sharing screenshots of the data fields we wanted moved over and the Just Recruit team consulted with us on the best way to display and format information. All of our data was shown to us in the account before we went live and following a couple of minor tweaks, we signed it off. I was pleasantly surprised at how little input was needed from me and my team and really pleased with the outcome.

What would you say to somebody that wants to move to Just Recruit but is hesitant because of the thought of data migration?

I knew I needed to upgrade my CRM but the thought of transferring all my old data had always held me back. I wish I’d have known how simple it can be when done right, as I would have done it much sooner!

Stage of evolution of your business when Just Recruit was adopted

We were in our 14th year of business when we took on Just Recruit and we had a team of consultants that were a mixture of office and home-working. We’d been on our previous CRM for many years.

The problem with your previous system

The CRM was not popular with the team so was not being used as much as it should have and so we were taking little benefit or value from it. It was very old school, clunky and not very intuitive. A lot of the everyday processes were cumbersome and it felt very out-dated.

What you were looking for?

We wanted a system that would be easy to adopt and wasn’t going to be time-intensive to manage information in. We also wanted to be able to customise the system so it fit our specific way of working.

How did Just Recruit match that / solve problems

Just Recruit was a breath of fresh air from other systems I’d seen. It’s modern, easy to navigate and just makes sense! It does exactly what we need it to and the whole team are using it which makes information sharing much easier.

Favourite thing about being part of the Just Recruit family

While you can edit a lot in the system yourself, there have been some requests we’ve made for changes to the system as a whole which have been listened to and actioned. They’re always improving the system.

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